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Steps for making a correct reservation to the Isle of Youth

In order to guarantee and organize your vacation to the Island we advise you to read the following steps:

1- Check the availability of the flight or ferry.

2- Ask for availability of accommodations (answer in 24 hours)

3- Get the plane or fairy ticket.

4- Confirm accommodations sending a photocopy of the ticket.

5- If necessary ask for the taxi service (round trip)

6- Book one or more tours (optional)

How to get to the Isle of Youth by plane?

In order to get to the Island by plane you need to buy the ticket in the following web site:

The plane leaves from terminal 1 José Martí International airport (national flights). You should get there two hours in advance for check-in and go through security check.

The flight takes around 35 minutes to arrive to the island.

It would be advisable to book our taxi service in advance so not to waste time fixing prices once you get to the airport. There, a taxi will be waiting for you with the web site agent if requested. Then they will take you to the “casa particular”.  


Our taxi price from downtown to José Martí Airport in Havana is 15 CUC. It can also be requested to pick you up at the airport when you come back from the Isle of Youth and take you back to downtown in Havana.

For more information call us at…
How to get to the Isle of Youth by ferry?

In order to travel to the island by ferry, you should book or get the ticket directly at the National Bus Terminal in Havana. It is advisable to go two or three days in advance so you can get it easily. The day of the trip you should present yourself at it at 8:00 am so to have your ticket checked and go to Batabanó port, the drive by bus takes around 1:45 minutes. Once you get to Batabanó seaport, your ticket is checked one more time and the number of your seat is written on it. The ferry leaves at 1:00 pm and after around three hours you enter port. It costs 55 CUC. We advise you to come by plane because the trip is cheaper and shorter. The plane ticket can be bought on the Internet and therefore plan your vacation in advance.

How to book a room?

Booking a room is very easy. You just need to select the “casa particular” you like the most from the accommodations advertisements and send a private email by clicking on the envelope symbol. You could also make a more detailed reservation by clicking on the calendar symbol on the top right side. On this section you can fill in a form and our force task will answer in less than 24 hours. In order to confirm the reservation you need to send us a photocopy of the plane or ferry ticket. No need to pay anything in advance with us.

How to book a tour?

In order to book a tour you need to go to the tour advertisements and click on the envelope to send a private email. In it, you can ask information about availabiliy of the tour.

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